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History in the making

About tap truck

From a crazy idea to reality

How We roll

Tap Truck Calgary presents to you our patina 1949 vintage Chevy truck. She is completely restored and left with the 70+ years of character that we love her for. A head turner for sure, she is guaranteed to redefine your event experience and keep your guests talking long after your event is done.

Standing next to our patina truck will take you back to a period long ago. We’re lucky to live amongst some of the best scenery and craft breweries in Southwest Alberta. Our 1949 is equipped with 4 flowing taps and ready to take your next event to the next level! Your guests will walk away with a little nostalgia and a whole lot of memories to last a lifetime.

Tap Truck Calgary is a family based business created from our passion of restoring old farm trucks and gathering with friends. Over time, photographers and wedding parties began reaching out to use our trucks in their photos and before we knew it, we were looking at turning our 1949 Chevy into a tap truck. We’re used to our trucks turning heads and now we’re sharing that feeling with hosts actress Southwest Alberta.

We Work With You To Bring Your Mobile Bar Vision to Life, Stress Free.

We are committed to providing you with the most memorable experience your event is missing!

We roll up to your event with a classic truck and serve the absolute best craft beer, cider, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages Southwest Alberta has to offer…right out of the side of it!

There’s no place too classy and none too casual. From 50 guests to 500, you invite ‘em, we’ll serve ‘em!


Your final quote will depend on your event, headcount and types of beverages. Our 1949 Chevy includes a customer built bar, custom menu, and bartender(s) in your event specific quote. Additional options are available at additional cost. We will work with you to ensure you have the best possible event experience, work with us stress free.

Truck Rental

Truck rental is per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. Your truck rental fee will depend on type of event.

Reserve your mobile bar!

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Location: Southwest Alberta