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There is nothing that says Alberta more than the Stampede, an event globally recognized as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, a must see! The Calgary Stampede is July 8-17, 2022 this year, mark your calendars! It’s a time when people gather, both for private and corporate events. There is much to be said for those that pull off Stampede parties that are the talk of the town. If you’re a born and raised Abertan you will have likely been to a private or corporate party or two. If you’re just visiting, you can get in on the action too! Here are five ideas for hosting a memorable Stampede event:

  1. Grab an outdoor space and make it western! Everyone wants to put on a cowboy hat and a pair of boots and enjoy the rustic view.
  2. Cater your event with good ol’ fashioned smoked meat and buns, there is nothing like a creamy coleslaw to go with it.
  3. Set up a photo op with vintage everything! Include a vintage truck and you’ll be a hit.
  4. Live band? Yes, please! Whether you’ve got a full on dance floor or just bringing in some ambience, the hottest country music is a must.
  5. Cold brews all around. Make @TapTruckCalgary part of your event, you’ll have everyone wanting to know the date for your next one!

Taking your event to the next level during Stampede week is the way to go. Not only will people thank you for bringing them together, they’ll share the memories for a lifetime…can you say social memory share?! We love seeing all of our memories pop up. Contact TapTruckCalgary today to book your private or corporate event.